Gianluca Pellegrino from Basaltina S.r.l. is president of Confindustria Marmomacchine for the 2024/2026 term

Gianluca Pellegrino (Basaltina S.r.l.).

At the association’s General Assembly, also, statistics for Italy’s stone and stone technology exports 2023 were presented

Gianluca Pellegrino from Basaltina S.r.l. company was elected president of Confiindustria Marmomacchine for the 2024/2026 term. For the General Assembly of Italy’s Stone Association held in Milan on June 20, 2024, more than 190 businesspeople from all over Italy and representatives of the principal governmental and business organizations came together. Gianluca Pellegrino succeeds Federico Fraccaoli (Fraccaroli e Balzan S.p.a.).

Basaltina is a 100% Italian company founded in 1925. Its lava stone Basaltina, used since Roman times, is a registered trademark and nowadays marketed worldwide. The company has its headquarters in Rome and a factory in Ascoli Piceno. The quarry is located in Bagnoregio about 100 km north of Rome.

Elected were also the association’s vice presidents who will work with Pellegrino until 2026: Francesco Antolini (Antolini Luigi & C. S.p.a.), Nicoletta Caruso (Marmi e Graniti d’Italia Sicilmarmi S.p.a.), Alessandro Ferrari (Tenax S.p.a.), and Flavio Stenico (Steinex S.r.l.).

A highlight of the meeting was the technical-economic report from Honorary President in charge of official relations, Flavio Marabelli: “Overall, with more than 3,200 companies and 34,000 employees, revenue of 4.5 billion euros, a heavy propension to export (71.2% of production), and, above all, an annual trade surplus of more than 2.7 billion, the Italian stone/techno-stone industry was confirmed again in 2023 as one of the most propulsive and excellent sectors of manufacturing Made in Italy.”

Export statistics 2023 for stone.The statistics of Italy’s stone exports were presented at the General Assempbyl and are now published in the association’s magazine Marmomacchine International:
* “After two years of sustained growth (+20.8% in 2021 and +13.1% in 2022), last year Italy’s overall exports of marbles, granites and other natural stones underwent a downturn of 2.8% from 2022, while still remaining above the 2-billion-euro mark (2,070 million).”
* Analyzing export composition, finished and semi-finished stone products accounted for 80% of the total, with revenue of 1,658 million (down 4.2% from 2022), with sales of raw stone amounting to 412 million (-1%).
* As for destination markets, for raw blocks China was again in the lead, with imports worth 180 million (+2.7%), followed by India with 54.6 million (+7.8%). For finished stone products, the top buyer in 2023 was still the United States – although purchasing 7.1% less – with imports worth 475.7 million
* Germany was in second place with 140.6 million (-6.7%) and France in third with 107.8 million (+5.5%). Switzerland showed a slight downturn (-2%, with 101.8 million), while the United Arab Emirates rose to fifth place among reference markets for stone products Made in Italy (+24.2%, with 62.8 million), overtaking Saudi Arabia (-9.4%, with 61.6 million), and the United Kingdom (+0.6%, with 59.7 million).

The foreign sales of machines, installations, equipment and tools for extracting and processing natural stones.The foreign sales of machines, installations, equipment and tools for extracting and processing natural stones amounted to 1,134.2 million euros (accounting for 75% of total sector revenue), up 0.2% from 2022. Again, in 2023, the top destination for stone technologies Made in Italy was the US, with 176.6 million in imports, down 15.1% from record sales in 2022. Spain was in second place, with purchases totaling 66.1 million (down 0.4%), followed by Turkey showing heavy growth (+27.2%, 64.3 million). There was a definite upturn in exports to Canada (+26.9%, fourth buyer 60 million), while there were downturns on two historic markets: Germany (-7.7%, fifth with 56.5 million) and India (-10%, sixth with 51.6 million).

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