Fairs: Seeking innovations from Europe

(March 2011) For the first time a competition for innovative ideas in stone is being held in Germany and companies from all over Europe are invited to participate. Participants may compete in one or more of three categories: new products in stone or a combination of stone and other materials; innovative marketing and communication strategies; and finally novel technology and methods of extraction and processing of stone. „Novel“ in this case means that the innovative character must excel by present standards. There is also a prize to be awarded by the audience.

The award under the title stone+more is sponsored in a joint venture by three German trade organizations: the Organization of Stone Masons (BIV), the Natural Stone Branch Trade Organization (DNV), and the Trade Organization for Tiles and Natural Stone. Awards will be presented at this year’s Stone+tec trade fair in Nuremberg on June 23rd.

Submissions may be one ore more works by natural stone producers, stonemasons, companies specializing in tiles, their suppliers and mechanical engineers from across Europe. Architects, designers and developers, too, are cordially invited in cooperation with any one or more of the above institutions.

For the processing of submissions a fee of 200 € (+ VAT in Germany) will be levied. Another 775 € (+ VAT in Germany) are payable by those lucky enough to be nominated for a prize.

Nominated submissions will be shown at a special exhibit at this year’s Stone+tec and in addition be the subject of a special publication in form of a supplement to the trade magazines „Stein“ and „Baumeister“. Nominees will receive 100 free copies of the publication as well as a certificate.

Winners are decided by a jury and the prize is advertisement in value of 8,000.00 € in the trade magazines „Stein“ and „Baumeister“ in which reference to the price may be made. The documentation includes a prominent description of the award-winners.

Visitors to the fair may submit their vote for the audience prize, which is a prominent position in the documentation.

Submissions will be accepted until April 20th 2011 in German and English.

Contact: Editor stone+more, Mrs Anne-Marie Ring, Tel: +49 (0)89 / 361 63 68, Fax: +49 (0) 89 / 21 11 12 14, Mail, http://www.stone-more.com

Stone+tec,  Nuremberg (June, 22 – 25)