(April 2011) The earthquake in March shifted parts of Japan’s coastline 5 m according to scientists. Repercussions of the unusually strong quake, which reached levels of 9.0 on the Richter Scale, could be felt around the globe much like the ringing of a giant bell (German). An American website gives a comparatively unspectacular overview of some other earthquakes.

Puzzles in stone by US-based company Water jet Works.

Chile’s building sector enjoyed growth of 10% during the last year resulting mainly from increased building in the lower economic bracket private home sector according to official reports (Spanish).

Know-how Exchange between Brazil’s province of Espirito Santo and Spain was recently agreed by the trade organisation Sindirochas and the Centro Technológico de la Piedra (CTAP) (Spanish). Part and parcel of the pact is a life-long learning scheme for Brazil’s craftsmen. As recently as last year, a stone masons’ school was established in Espírito Santo’s city of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim according to the magazine „Inforochas“ (November/December 2010). Courses include stone design and masonry. The north-east of the province started a cooperation with Carrara last year according to a video (Portuguese).

Design: „folded sun”, signed poster edition for Japan.

Video of the month: How to get the concrete to the mason – high-tech mortar lift.