Design: News from the Nile

(April 2011) For an Egyptian company the name „Techno Marble“ is unusual in itself. True, much has happened on the banks of the Nile that might be classified as unusual of late and much has changed. Change in the sense of transformation towards value added is what Techno Marble does with its principal material. „In our company our main objective is to produce marble in unusual ways, thus adding modern technology to our line“, according to an e-mail by Aya Alaa, assistant of to the director.

But she is quick to add – as is clearly stated on the company’s website – that the enterprise has not lost touch to the 1000-year-old tradition of the pharaohs. „The ancient Egyptian culture is an integral part of our modern history especially in the stone industry“, she writes.

1982 saw the founding of the company. Its headquarters are in the 6th of October City, not far from Cairo. 18 employees work in the office and 59 in production and finishing of slabs, tiles and special commissions. The company’s specialty is design according to the customer’s specifications. 3 designers are employed for this purpose alone.

Stone employed stems either from local quarries or is imported in blocks from Italy, Spain or Turkey. Techno Marble’s customers are situated around the globe.

Techno Marble

Photos: Techno Marble