Architecture: Joining slate

(April 2011) Traditionally slate tiles were mounted on facades with an overlap lending an old-fashioned appearance to the structure. For builders and landlords valuing a modern appearance German-based Rathscheck company developed a symmetrical siding were slate plates are mounted parallel without overlap, like and granite. This allows for strict symmetry in the pattern of seams.

Slate slabs or plates have a maximum size of 60 x 60 cm. Within these dimensions any variation is possible, allowing for a hitherto unknown freedom of design. The slabs are available with rugged edges with the typical velvety finish or polished to high gloss.

The symmetric covering offers another novelty: whereas the slate plates were formerly fastened by means of visible clamps they can now be affixed invisibly. This is accomplished by means of a blind hole into which snugly fitting anchor is inserted. This allows for quick and easy mounting on aluminium as well a subsequent ease of disassembly.

This, in turn, allows for intersecting grouts without unsightly extras. The construction weighs in at 27 kg/m².

Rathscheck Schiefer (German)

Photos: Rathscheck Schiefer