(May 2011) Slate depot can serve as an energy source – a little known fact. So-called shale gas is released from stone layers by pumping water plus chemicals at high pressure also known as hydraulic fracturing or fracking, and, as scientists have discovered , is environmentally more harmful than coal, natural gas or oil.

A sandstone cave serves as a home to US-American dwellers.

From Jan. 21st to 23rd 2012 the Belgian city of Ghent will once again host the Stone Expo the trade fair for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg (Benelux) as well as for Northern France. For better orientation, the fair is sectioned this time in the following categories: natural stone, ceramic tiles, machines and equipment.

For notorious marathon showerers „Waterpebble“ lets you enjoy your fetish free of guilt. It registers the amount of water flowing down the drain and alerts you when it is time to turn off the tap. Waterpebble indicates though a series of traffic lights when it is time to stop showering. The amount of water needed to indicate the end of cleansing sessions can be programmed.

With the help of high sandstone walls Swiss landscape architect Enzo Enea has alluded to a sort of room in the park. He planted a total of 120 trees from his nursery in front of the walls. The entity is called „Tree-Museum“.