Architecture: Grooves for more adhesion

(June 2011) Quirrenbach Company’s new development for pavement opens doors to novel fields: the company provides graywacke with built-in grooves for considerably improved adhesion thus making surfaces suitable for exposure to heavy traffic like busses according to a company press-release.

The material was recently put to the test in Koblenz near the Rhine river where a bicycle path runs along the length of the promenade. The city wanted to keep an option open for subsequent building of a bus route. To this end, grooved quadrants 15 cm high by 20 cm wide and a maximum 60 cm in length were set in positions of high exposure.

Precision fitting was needed in details such as sewers in a number of different sizes which had to be measured to ensure an exact fit all around and high adhesion.

The surface of the quadrants is smooth making it easy for pedestrians and cyclists to negotiate. Flaming the surface increased the colour contrast simultaneously reducing slipperiness in rainy conditions.

Quirrenbach supplied 14,000 m² of graywacke.

Heinrich Quirrenbach Naturstein

Photos: Maria Schulz / Quirrenbach