Design: Vanguard in stone product design

Marsotto Edizioni: „Connoisseur 32“.

Marsotto Company of Italy is the world leader in natural stone product design and convincingly demonstrates how to succeed in the every-day object market segment.

First: designs are dictated by the material’s properties.

In the case of their „Connoisseur 32“ wine-rack by James Irvine made of matt polished Carrara marble and carefully balanced, the shelf stands firm by means of its own mass. It also looks so distinguished that wine served from it – allow us to speak literally – always tastes just that much richer.

Or Thomas Sandell’s console „Tilt“: because of its mass it does not tip even though it merely leans against the wall, true also for his book case „Melt“ and side-table „Tiltino“.

Function is always self-explanatory: Maddalena Casadei’s table mirror „Bella“ can be swivelled into a second position at the tip of a hat. And Ross Lovegrove’s book end „Eco“ is not merely pleasing to the eye.

Second: the name is important for the product design. It needn’t be spectacular. Marsotto Edizioni always refers to the century-old family tradition.

Third: every brand requires a distinguishing factor. Material, Carrara marble, and a uniform style interlink the 40+ products. This is the merit of Art Director James Irvine working hand in hand with Mario Marsotto and his wife Costanza Olfi. „Our products are timeless“ says Costanza Olfi describing the brand style.

Fourth: whoever wishes to succeed in product design must remain flexible and submit to constant change. Marsotto does this by soliciting new designers on a regular basis. With this year’s collection, presented at the Milan Design Week, a total of 10 designers.

Fifth: exclusivity must remain a constant goal. To this end, all Marsotto Edizioni products bear a serial number. The enterprise is proud to point out that every piece is unique owing to the natural variation of the material used.

Sixth: modern product design requires modern technology. Each of Edizioni’s pieces is marked by a concealed RFID tag making it easy to identify.

And finally: modern product design is not pig-headed but „surprising and ironic“ as quoted from Edizioni’s Website. That is true for marble as well.

On this note, let us refer to James Irvine’s sculptured door stop „Squalo“ in shape of a shark fin.

Marsotto Edizioni


Photos: Miro Zagnoli

(June 2011)