Design: Artificial stone for a virtual world, natural stone for Italy’s anniversary

(June 2011) Ever since computer animation has taken over film production, moving pictures are often no more than a compilation of data on the hard disk of a powerful computer. At this year’s Fuori Salone Design Week in Milan, DuPont turned the tables by recreating scenes of „Tron: Legacy“ with the aid of their artificial stone Corian.

Our lead picture shows Light Cycles taken from the screen and made of over 100 parts produced in Corian White Glacier and Nocturne.

More on this and the precursor from the 1960’s below.

On the other hand, many of the other Fuori Salone exhibits were definitely retro. The reason: Italy is celebrating the 150th anniversary since unification.

„150 Y Italian Beauty“ was the title of one presentation. Under the direction of architect Roberto Semprini, Il Casone produced the title „Italia“ in Pietra Serena sandstone. The six letters each fill a double function as design objects in their own right and as washbasins.

Some other objects produced by Il Casone were „Bernini“ luminary in the shape of a solomonic column similar to the one integrated in the famous panoply produced for St-Peter’s Cathedral in 1624 by the architect and sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The source of light on top of the columns was an open flame powered by ethanol.

Another object was „Profilo Italiano“: a back-lit wall-light in form of the Italian boot radically split down the middle.

Il Casone

Photos: Jill Leonardi

The Spanish Cosentino Group also paid tribute to Italy’s anniversary: Milan-based architect Gritti Rollo designed a sofa reflecting the Italian national colours. Material implemented was Silestone artificial stone.

Cosentino (Spanish)

Gritti Rollo

Photo: Cosentino

But let us return to our theme: natural stone, specifically Antolini Luigi’s „Natura Collection“ designed by Domenico de Palo. „Geisha“ is a take-off on a far-eastern theme, „Spizzo“ reminiscent of crochet work, „Avata“ and „Verano“ follow the lines and motifs of the botanical world implementing Nero Impala gabbro with Labrador Antique anorthosite.

Antolini Luigi

Domenico de Palo

Photos: Antolini Luigi

Lithos Design presented the new „Nuance“ creation by designer Raffaello Galiotto comprised of 6 wall panels in 80 x 40 cm format and made of Pietra Serena sandstone by Il Casone. We show three designs: „Crine“, „Vello“, and „Tartan“.

Lithos Design

Raffaello Galiotto

Photos: Raffaello Galiotto

Decormarmi presented the new Kreoo Collection combining stone and wood elements in furniture. The system allows for a variety of combinations. Designer is Enzo Berti.

„Oasi“ („Oasis“) is made of travertine slabs with a wooden seat on top. „Shiro“ is a bookshelf made of marble and wood. „Arcaico“ („Archaic“) is a table with a marble foot supported by a metal construction. Tables can be arranged in L- or horse-shoe-shapes. A variety of materials can be used for the table surface and various types of stone for the foot.


Photos: Decormarmi

Last but not least let us return to DuPont and its artificial stone Corian in „Tron Designs Corian“. Readers will remember: the precursor „Tron“ was first screened in 1982. It showed people competing against computers. The Light-Cycles-motorbike-race on computer circuits is famous.

For Fuori Salone a prototype of Light Cycle from the precursor movie in which the driver was seated in a passenger capsule, was reconstructed.

Two of the other scenes seen in Milan are the kitchen and dining areas and the outdoor area – obviously food and drink figure in the cyber world as well.

Tron Designs Corian

Video: Light Cycle race

Photos: Leo Torri for DuPont™ Corian®

Fuori Salone and the world’s most important furniture fair, the Milan-based Salone del Mobile is held simultaneously (April 12th to 17th 2011). Distinguishing factor is that the city is a meeting-place for the creative but also that the presentation of creations spreads across the entire city, thus lending credence to the fair’s name, loosely translated, it means „outdoor fair“. The fair is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

Fuori Salone

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