(June 2011) Stone pyramids of Central America were seen as a renewal of the creativity myth according to which a God-couple created a holy mountain which rose out of the sea. This is the subject of an exhibit and conference at the National Museum of Anthropology (MNA) in Mexico City on the 6 pre-Iberian cities Monte Alban, Palenque, Teotihuacan, El Tjin, Tenochtitlan and Tlatelolco.

Dry stone walls are the theme of life-long-learning in France. Information is available from the trade organization Artisans Bâtisseurs en Pierres Sèches (French).

Stone crockery is the speciality of the Korean YoungShin Stone company.

Whenever a mountain range piles up, nature is at work playing with its mighty yo-yo, figuratively speaking. Continental shelf plates that are pushed up to dizzying heights, are subsequently depressed to depths of up to several kilometres as an international team of scientists recently discovered. But no need to panic: the process occurs in slow-motion – a mountain range takes between 50 and 100 million years to ensue.

Rebuilding the Italian region of Aquila which was ravaged by an earthquake in 2009 is the theme of an exhibit coming up in July as reported in the Marmomacc news.