Design: Outdoor lovelies (3)

(June 2011) Few suburbanites have a miniature-golf-course in their backyard. Iberian Arriaga Stone Company was commissioned to construct just such an unusual sports field for the inner courtyard of a private home-owner. The lanes are made of Jerusalem Gold limestone complete with raised shoulders. The tee-off and 18th hole are circular with blue sodalith inlay.

Details worked into the obstacles and passages which the ball must negotiate. The stone has an aged finish for a special effect.

Arriaga Stone

Photos: Arriaga Stone

„Tête-à-tête“ is the name of a bench designed by Ueli Gantner and the name is omen: there is room for two and whoever takes place comes closer to his seated partner. On first glance the design of the Swiss sculptor in 3D seems simple enough to construct. But on closer examination it becomes apparent that special solutions were needed for a number of details.

To name but a few of the hurdles: pipes used for the seating and backrest had to run absolutely parallel to ensure comfort. This was a particular challenge with respect to holes required for fastening the pieces. Or, since the pipes were glued into the stone, excess adhesive material had to be removable from the stone surface. To this end, Gantner decided on a pointed finish surface. Tactile pleasing finish was needed for front surfaces to ensure that couples could enjoy resting an arm on the stone.

Maggia granite was used in construction of the prototype. Viewed from the front, the stone is 90 cm high, 65 cm deep and between 25 and 30 cm wide. The entire construction tips the scales at 360 kg. The piping is made of chrome-finished steel. The no-frills seating bearing the name „bank“ („bench“), is also available in a wider variety allowing for more seating room. The designer has a copyright for the model.

Ueli Gantner (German)

Photos: Ueli Gantner

„Green & Stone“ was the motto of the Bologna-based New Stone Age Design building fair the past years. We reported on design ideas by Francesco Lucchese for planters in our January edition.

Here are some more ideas by Francesco Lucchese:

„Contemplazione“ („Contemplation“) is the name of a bench with integrated bicycle stand. Solar cells provide electricity to feed the under-seat lighting. The Pietra Dolomita stone was provided by Bonvecchio Marmi.

Bonvecchio Marmi

„XYZ“ is the name of a urban furnishing with three-fold function: it is at once a seat, table and place for lighting. It invites beholders to a respite, a bite to eat or to computer-work. A variety of stone was implemented. The project was completed by Marmi Ghirardi.

Marmi Ghirardi

„B-Play“ is the name of dice that play music when someone sits on them. They could be placed before museums or art galleries. Bianco de Carrara marble was used. The prototype was made by B-Stone.


Photos: Francesco Lucchese