Markets: Soliciting vacuum cleaners and wet-walls

Dust pollution is an important topic in the stone sector.(October 2009) Exporters of labour protection equipment and tools ought to be looking toward a bull market in the foreseeable future: the Ministry responsible for labour protection released an ordinance to regulate dust pollution in stone masonry enterprises forbidding dry production of stone such as polishing and sawing.

A timescale of 18 months was imposed to implement the ordinance. Time ran out this September and the trade organization of the Province of Rio de Janeiro (FIRJAN) called a meeting of all stone producing enterprises. Brazil is not presently producing any equipment of this type, according to the September newsletter of the Departamento de Recursos Minerais (DRM-RJ).

„World’s biggest construction site“

The phrase „World’s biggest construction site“ was how a German Governmental Agency described Brazil (German). By 2030 a total of 2,800 billion Euros will have flown into the infrastructure projects such as underground transportation, Airports, and homes as well as projects for the FIFA World Soccer Championships in 2014 and the Olympic Games two years later.