Design: Wonderland out of Marble and Onyx

„Marbleous Garden“.

At Marmomacc 2009 in the show area hall 7B

(October 2009) Readers will remember: „Alice in Wonderland“, bored by the family pick nick follows a white rabbit to its lair. From there on in, everything goes topsy-turvy: from the grinning Cheshire Cat, whose grin is all that is left after his conversation with Alice – the rest of him having disappeared – to an endless game of croquet, to name but a few surreal incidents – until Alice awakens in the real world under a tree.

Upside down – literally and figuratively, is a fitting adjective for the design project „Marbleous Garden“: in a garden pick nick setting visitors will find usual oversized teacups offering a seat to tired amblers, vases stretching skyward as if ready to prophecy in tandem with their leafy green content, and a huge sugar bowl miming a basin.

The idea was born by designer Patricia Urquiola. The pieces were carved and finished using the latest technology by the famous Italian Companies Budri, Grassi Pietre, Marsotto and Testi Fratelli who also provided the material – marble, onyx and other natural stone.

The individual elements are not the only thing worth seeing. The fret-worked surfaces themselves are quite remarkable in their own right. And at night, the pieces are illuminated from inside lending a surreal allure to the entire installation.

Twilight is high time for visitors to reflect upon their youth – perhaps the white rabbit will appear from behind the marble grid fence of the „Marbleous Garden“ to take the young-at-heart back to their childhood memories.

At Marmomacc 2009 in the show area hall 7B

The press-release to the exhibit contains the following information on contributing companies:

Budri: The stone inlays and mosaics by Budri known all over the world are the result of combining ancient tradition with the most advanced production technology. For this installation, the company produced the tray in Carrara marble containing the collection. At Marmomacc 2009 in hall 6, booth C7

Grassi Pietre: The quarries of Grassi Pietre produce Vicenza Stone: Giallo Dorato, Bianco Avorio, Grigio Argento, Pietra del Mare and Grigio Alpi. For this installation, the company developed the geometrical „grilliage” structure in stone.  At Marmomacc 2009 in hall 8, booth C13

Marsotto: Marsotto uses modern technologies to process marbles, granites, stones and agglomerates in specific furnishing and interior design projects. For this project, the company produced the seats – four pouffes in onyx „embroidered“ on the surface. At Marmomacc 2009 in hall 6, booth C4

Testi Fratelli: (, Testi Fratelli is a meeting point for innovation, design, tradition and natural stone. The Group has built its international reputation supplying high end projects across the globe. Testi Fratelli is specialized in demanding and high end marble works. The company relies on highly skilled staff and state-of-the-art machinery allowing the production of the most sophisticated details and challenging forms. For this project, the company produced the basin and the large vase. At Marmomacc 2009 in hall 6, booth C5