(July 2011) Massive stone building is the subject of a doctoral thesis by Stefano Zerbi, who was cited in one of our articles on the subject. The dissertation as well as abstracts in English and French can be downloaded from the Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne website (French). BusinessStone.com will be introducing the work in an upcoming article.

Carrara-marble brains as well as a modified Pietà made of the same material by the Belgian artist Jan Fabre could be seen at the Venice Biennale in June.

Play houses made of stone as introduced by the Croatian firm Bencovac http://www.kamen-benkovac.hr > Products > Suvenir.

Art made surface-mining-refuse: at the entrance to south east Northumberland, near the Scottish boarder an ambitious work of art modelled after a reclining woman is being moulded in the former coal-mining landscape.

Video of the month: EuroGeoSurveys is the name of the umbrella organization of 32 European trade organisations which celebrated its 40th anniversary with a video production. A three month newsletter can be ordered via their website.