Design: Living like in a Venetian Palace

Bedroom as at the Doge’s.

(October 2009) Venice has drawn awe and admiration from all around the world for its citizens’ wealth and luxurious lifestyle. Designer Raffaello Galiotto took up the scent. His findings were the inspiration for modern design and the basis for the Marmomacc exhibit „The Doge’s Marble – Design and Hospitality“ , showing designer rooms which could have belonged to a modern hotel.

Most surprising is how modern many of the objects inspired by the ancient pomp appear today. But perhaps nothing has really changed as far as luxury is concerned: high value material, specifically marble, and equally high value craftsmanship, specifically carried out by workshops from the Chiampo-Valley at the foot of the Alps in the province of Vicenza. The regional trade association, Consorzio Marmisti Chiampo, was the initiator and project contractor.

In the course of many visits to Venice , Galiotto was fascinated and inspired by the magic of the Lagoon-City, its ancient palaces, the way in which the marble facades are mirrored in the canals and by the play of lights when the searing summer light cuts through the lattice windows penetrating the darkness of the interiors.

Galiotto transposed these impressions in designing elements for a hotel in the here and now, e.g. lamp for a guestroom or a reception counter.

A similar project by the Association caused a great stir at last years’ Marmomacc. At the occasion of Andrea Palladio’s jubilee, Galiotto designed mundane objects such as douches or bathtubs in the 16th-century style. Prototypes were also crafted by Chiampo-Valley Companies.

Venice’s Mayor wrote in his greeting words: „As the products and rooms carry memories of the Doge’s Palace, so do they function as ambassadors for the old revived role of Venice as a City alive with hospitality and as a doorway between East and West, a meeting point and place for dialog between individuals, Peoples, Cultures and Religions.“

A catalogue describes the concept, documents the technical groundwork and shows photos of the work by designer and producing companies. It can be ordered from Consorzio Marmisti Chiampo.

Raffaello Galiotto

„Palladio e il design litico“ 2008

Photos: Raffaello Galiotto/Catalogue, Peter Becker

Participating Companies: Athena, Decormarmi, Industrie Marmi e Graniti Ferrari, F.lli Adami, Italmarmi Group, La Perla, Lithos Design, Marmi e Graniti Farinon, Marmi Serafini, Pibamarmi, Sicc, Vicentina Marmi e con la partecipazione di Grassi 1180, Marmi Faedo, Solubema, Nardi Orazio, Travertino Sant’Andrea.