(August 2011) Latin American economy expects growth of 4.7% on average according to analysis conducted by the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean UNECLAC. Local demand is the main factor behind the positive trend according to researchers with South America leading the lot 5.1% followed by Mexico and Central America 4.3% and the Caribbean Islands 1.9%.

New York’s Woodlawn-Cemetery in the Bronx was taken up in the list of National Historic Landmarks renowned not least for its grand stone mausolea.

Numerous updates have been added to the list of stone sculpture symposia to be held this year.

Shifting of the continental plates is not only impacted by processes under the Earth’s mantle but also by climate on its surface as proven by an Australian scientist with the aid of model-based calculations. With heavier monsoon rain, the Himalaya is more eroded and its weight is lower, so that the continental plate can more easily slip under it.

Rome’s Trevi-Fountain, originally sculpted in Carrara marble and Tivoli travertine has now been copied by artist James Grashow in corrugated cardboard.

Video of the month: the Marmomacc trade was honored by being a candidate at this year’s Compasso d’Oro Award by the Italian Industrial Designers ADI – paying homage among others to the Marmomacc Meets Design initiative. The trade fair has produces a video showing highlights (Italian).