(October 2011) An artificial mountain 2000 m high is an idea currently under discussion (1, Dutch) in the Netherlands according to journalist Thijs Zonneveld.

A stone door knocker is sold by Chiasso.

The Aga Khan Architecture Awards are currently accepting submissions. These successfully address the needs and aspirations of societies in which Muslims have a significant presence. The purse is 500,000 US-$.  

Architects and designers are called upon to develop plans improved appearance of the Mall in Washington D.C. (1, 2).

Gold and precious metals substantially originate from meteorites according to a scientist as published in the science magazine Nature. This would explain why the elements did not sink into the earth’s interior in the early stages of geological evolution as could be expected due to the high density.

Video of the month: Tumbling stone to hasten aging artificially. Youtube shows freaks emulating the process with the aid of washing machines.