(October 2011) Water is important, for volcanic eruptions. It is responsible for lowering the melting point of the earth’s mantle allowing it to liquidity more easily and form magma. Scientists have now analyzed the subduction-phenomenon of the earth’s crust. Giant plates of the earth’s surface slip under existing plates causing large fissures through which water flows into the earth’s interior. The water pockets are one reason why there are so many volcanoes along the subduction lines around the Pacific Ocean.

Everyday products in slate by Greaves Welsh Slate and Inigo Jones Slateworks.

Stone wedges found near Turkana Lake prove that mankind crafted tools with a high degree of skill as early as 1.76 million years ago. Formerly it was assumed that Ethiopian and Indian examples dating back some 300,00 years were the early examples to be found according to scientist as published in the science magazine Nature.

Ultrasound to analyze material faults in massive wood are of substantial assistance in building windows or pianos. The ultrasound waves cause increased heat along fissures, which in turn can be made visible by filtering (German)

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