(November 2011) A 7% growth rate is expected for the current year according to the German building industry whereby the strongest impetus came from home building. Even if the momentum slows down as is predicted, the long term prognosis is positive: „The widely held belief that Germany has been built is, in fact, proving to be a common misconception“, according to a press release (German).

Gifts in stone by Graniti Buzzini of Switzerland (Italian).

Geological information on Carrara marble among others in form of maps are compiled in a webpage (Italian/English).

The Construmat building fair of Barcelona entertained a section dedicated to natural stone, Stonemat, for the first time this year. The fair is scheduled to take place as Construmat China in Beijing (July 11th to 13th) next year.

The exact place of moonstone recovery by the Apollo missions can be reconstructed even more exactly in future. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) recently took pictures form a distance of merely 21 km altitude from the moon’s surface and transmitted them back to Earth.

A Caldia Cube-exhibit in London’s Stone Theatre shows Caldia-marble objects designed by architects and designers until November 20th.

Video of the month: singing stone, Professor Klaus Feßmann (1, 2).