Markets: No more yellowing

„Resin-Lock“ also used for aesthetic enhancement. (November 2009) A new type of resin made especially for hot climates was developed and introduced at the Marmomacc by Tenax. The product named „Glaxs“ does not yellow even after prolonged exposure to intense sunlight. This was the result of a series of comparative tests between this product and those of the competitors as carried out by ASTM International, and reported by Tenax.

Further positive properties: „Glaxs“ bestows two further points on Mohs scale of mineral hardness to any stone carrying this coating. It also requires no thinners and uses little energy while hardening.

Another novelty by Tenax is „FI.GO“ promising even more shine for surfaces. The firm introduced „Resin-Lock“ some time ago, with the help of which blocks could be transformed. It was meant to prevent faults and cracks as can ensue while sawing or transporting a block. Meanwhile companies are using the white resin for contours around expensive stone making an attractive frame for sales.