Design: Leather and stone wall decor

(November 2011) Animal hide and natural stone are age-old materials dating back to early mankind. Whether in form of clothing or in the household, these materials helped our forefathers survive cold temperatures. Stone producer FMG Shapes and leather producer Prodital Leather have cooperated with designer Raffaello Galiotto and brought together the two materials.

They named the wall module-line „Pelle Pietra“ („Stone-skin“). The range is wide, from calf-leather to bull-hide and from travertine to onyx. The enchantment, to a great extent, lies in the unexpected similarities unimaginable when beholding tanned hides or cut rock by themselves.

„Piuma“ („Feather“), „Quadro“ („Painting“), „Marea” („Tides”), „Tondo“ („Circle“), „Orma“ („Track“) are the names of the 5 current models with others on the drawing board. Each model is available in a variety of stone types. Some on the stone slabs are translucent and can be lit from behind for special effect.

The fact that the three companies’ paths crossed is due to their location in the Valle del Chiampo at the foot of the Alps where leather and natural stone are the main branches of trade.

Prodital Leather

FMG Shapes (Farinon Marmi Graniti)

Raffaello Galiotto

Photos: Raffaello Galiotto