(November 2011) Terrorist attacks carried out by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party PKK are a burden the Turkish stone industry must bear, according to the trade journal Marble Trend in issue 18. There have been renewed attacks in the south-westerly region of Anatolia: Dimer, D Marble and Di-Mer-San companies all suffered under terrorist attacks causing explosions in the quarries, fire set to machinery and even kidnappings. The daily newspaper Hürriyet reported in its English October 2010-edition that members of the PKK had threatened an entrepreneur in the city of Dyarbakir because he had spoken out against PKK demands for a free Kurdish State.

Unique is a fitting attribute for the new Swedish stone-databank accessible online: it includes the GPS-coordinates of all quarries. The Databank can be accessed by choosing a type of stone depicted as thumbnail examples. From there a PDF opens up showing the location in GPS-coordinates and a large photo of the stone.

„After Cosmati“ is the title of a stone installation by John Maine to be shown until December, 18th, in the Royal Academy of Arts, London.

What will the skyscraper of the 21st century look like? is the question asked by the architectural magazine eVolo in an international competition for architects, designers and students. Early-bird registration costs 65.00 US-$.

Great masses of toxic gas from volcanic eruptions in Siberia lead to the untimely death of 95% of marine life and 75% of terrestrial fauna 250 million years ago according to the magazine Nature fittingly mirrored in London’s Tate Britain showing apocalyptic 19th century motifs by John Martins including his famous „The destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum“.