Art: the magnificence of stone from the Apulian Alps

(December 2011) „Astratto Monumentale“ (Monumental Abstract) is the title of a book presenting marble statues from the Carrara region and showing the works of around 45 international artists in a coffee-table, 300 page format. Surprising how wide the range of theme and shape is. The original works can be admired around the world in prominent locations or in private collections.

The book describes the story of the stone-producing region. As early as in Roman times, artists were aware of the advantages of marble, which later gained global fame through the works of Michelangelo. Contributions by stone experts also give detailed accounts of technical aspects like transportation of blocks weighing many tons by sled or ox-driven carriage.

A term particular to the region, „marble-artist-craftsman-industry“ is recounted and tells of the unique properties of the branch, distinguishing it world-wide: starting with a remarkable material, a high degree of know-how for processing, implementation of state of the art technology and an open mind for new ideas brought forth by international artists bringing commissions to the studios.

The book is published by the Arkad Foundation. Founded in 2002 by Cynthia Sah and Nicolas Bertoux in reclaimed stone factory in Seravezza at the foot of the mountain, the organization’s aim is the promotion of art of sculpting.

Too bad the book is currently published only in Italian. But the publisher is currently looking for sponsorship for a translation to English. Contact the publisher by mail. Sponsor for the Italian edition was, among others, the Henraux Company.

„Astratto Monumentale. Scultura Contemperanea in Marmo“. Fondazione Arkad. Edizione Gli Ori, Pistoia. 288 p. ISBN 978-887336-417-7.