(January 2012) 396 wheels on 44 axes are needed to transport the giant 340 t stone block. The mammoth will be leaving its home in the Stone Valley quarry by riverside California and making its way to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art where artist Michael Heizer will transform it to a „Levitated Mass“. Art aficionados will be able to walk under the rock as if strolling under a cloud. Earthquake experts were consulted and had to approve the project – after all, the block has the mass of a two-story building. The transport route is 60 miles long and the heavy transport will take up three lanes and the length of a football field. Last year a stone block weighing 180 t was transported form France to London where it stands as a memorial dedicated to victims of the tsunami which devastated the coastline along the Indian Ocean at Christmas in 2004.

Onix Home Accents is the name of a company producing articles for interior design (Spanish).

A magnificent mask made of green serpentinite was found under Teotihuacán’s Sun Pyramid in what is today Mexico (Spanish).

Stonebuild is the name of a new trade fair to take place from June 18th to 21st in the port city of Tiajin in north-east China. Stone was one of a number of themes at the building trade fair there. The fair focuses on Northern China, one of the country’s main growth regions. Organisers are the local trade organisation of the China Stone Association and CCPIT Building Materials Sub-council, already responsible for the Stonetech (Shanghai/Beijing).

„Out of Sight“ is the title of an exhibit showing imaginary mountain-landscapes painted by Tula Telfair. It takes place in the Forum Gallery in New York City until February 11th, 2012.

The Mexican Maya-Cultures are the theme of an exhibit to begin on April 9th in Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum. The peoples came to fame particularly through their stone temples in the rain forest of Yucatán (Mexico), Honduras and Belize.

Video of the month: lecture on „green“ building with „green“ building material.