(January 2012) Not the effect of a giant asteroid caused extinction of dinosaurs but massive volcanic eruptions around today’s India. The ensuing eruptions had a much grater impact on the ecosystem around 65 million years ago than did the meteorite which crashed to earth near the Yucatán peninsula according to US-scientists writing in the Journal of the Geological Society of India.

The European Cemeteries route plots its path along cemeteries across 20 countries.

Plates made of petrified wood are on sale by British Stonefish Company.

„Building in wood“ was one of the themes at this year’s Big5 seminar program at Dubai’s trade fair. The lecture was held by a representative of the Timber Academy.

A volcano on the ocean floor before the Atlantic island of El Hierro has taken up activity again. A Swiss webpage shows active volcanoes around the world live via live cams.

The Santiago de Chile international airport is being modernised and refurbished. It will also receive an annex building (Spanish) .

BuiltInt Kenya 2012 is a building fair from March 31st to April 2nd in Nairobi.

Clandestine sandstone quarries have been in progress around the Polish town of Łysina in Silesia. The authorities have already threatened to penalize the perpetrators acceding to a press release (Polish). But the towns merely shrug and ask: sandstone, here? We know of nothing of the sort, and if anyone is quarrying sandstone then merely for private use…