(February 2012) Spanish eyes for Morocco. „Hispano-Moslem Architecture in 3D“ is the title of a project, with which stone evidence of the Nasrid governance in Spain like the Alhambra are to be recorded digitally. Among other aims the project hopes to open new possibilities for today’s stone branch derived from uses of yore. The project is being conducted in cooperation with the centres of technology Ctap of Spain and Retcetec of Morocco according to a Ctap newsletter (Spanish).

Parquet de Versailles is the name given to stone flooring by the Dutch Maximiliano’s Company. The product is reminiscent of weaving and takes up themes in wood.

The planets in our solar system in form of sweets are produced by Rihga Hotel in Osaka. Some of the spheres look like being made of stone.

A „New Product Launch“ will be undertaken at the Xiamen trade fair this year for the first time. It is meant to be a get-together-event where producers and consumers can exchange new ideas.

Stonemasons and stone carvers from Euroe are invited to participate Euopean Stone Festival. In this year, it will take place in Trondheim, Norway from June, 29th to July 1st. The topic for the artists’ works will be „fairy tales”.

The Global Stone Congress will take place from July 16th to 20th in the Portuguese city of Borba in the region of Alentejo. It is an international meeting point for experts of the branch, where the top themes will be discussed. The congress took place in Brazil in 2005, in Italy in 2008 and in Spain in 2010.

Video of the month: hiking tours along steep cliff-side paths – just the thing for people with strong nerves.