(February 2012) A new explanation for the numerous craters on Earth and the moon assumes a period of high instability of the planets’ orbits in the early stages of our solar system. According to the theory, giants as Jupiter could have changed course erratically tearing apart smaller planets at the same time. The resulting debris could have hit Earth or the moon or may have ended up in the Kuiperbelt beyond Pluto. The theory also assumes that there once existed a fifth big planet which Jupiter catapulted way out into outer space during the course of one of its „jumps“

Super-thin slate veneer and its implementation are shown by Richter-Italia company on its website (1, 2).

Earthquakes and their repercussions such as tsunamis caused damage in amount of an estimated 365 billion US-$ last year: 20,500 persons died and one million became homeless. This is the summary of an analysis by the Centre for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction Technology (CEDIM). Hardest hit were Japan and New Zealand.

Gold diggers are seeking their luck under the surface of the earth considering the crisis of the Greek economy. During the course of excavations quarries are often the subjects of choice.

„The Sprouting“ is the title of six recent marble carvings by architect and artist Craig Copeland showing until April, 29 in the exhibition „The Annual: 2012“ in the National Academy Museum in N.Y.C (1, 2).

„Casa Porfido“ (House of Porhyry) is the name of a museum in the Italian city of Albiano. It was opened to the public in September 2011 under the auspices of the local stone trade organisation (Italian 1, 2).

The president’s gallery at Mount Rushmore can now be visited on a virtual tour. Download takes some time, unfortunately (1, 2).