Design: always good for surprises

(February 2012) „Quality – Creativity – Technology“ is the motto of Egyptian-based Hazem Shoukry Designs. Every year the company presents surprising innovative design ideas at trade fairs the likes of Verona’s Marmomacc, e.g. in 2011 the heavyweight white marble foot in or in 2009 the Golden-Black-marble horse’s head.

Just as unusual: the founder’s career: Hazem Shoukry studied architecture. But his parents, both engineers, had obviously instilled a drive in him to seek his individual identity and thus pave the way for advancement. His studies were accompanied by his hobby: painting.

Inspired by a book, Shoukry turned his attention to stained glass, opening an atelier in 1987 which quickly grew to a group of twelve employed helpers. „My architectural background was of great help in designing drafts“ he said, looking back.

At first there was no special affinity to natural stone but somehow at the turn of the millennium the idea was born to transpose the glass work to other materials whereby he knew from the very beginning that he had an obligation to use state-of-the-art technology. „We scrimped and saved every penny toward the purchase of a water jet-machine“, he recalls.

Since then he moved freely in all fields of design e.g. adopting ideas of Arab architecture like Mashrabiya.

Experiments are the order of the day, e.g. combining of stone and wood or stainless steel.

The company boasts clients all over the globe, from USA to the Middle East commissioning exclusive pieces for hotels, club houses, villas or palaces.

The company has no quarries of its own preferring to purchase stone from around the world.

What new ideas has Hazem Shoukry got up his sleeve? „I would like to develop concepts for a contemporary house where natural materials like stone and wood as well as steel and glass are used“, he says.

Hazem Shoukry Designs

Photos: Hazem Shoukry Designs / Peter Becker