(March 2012) Recyslurry is the name of a European project dedicated to recycling stone meal – an offal product derived from sawing stone blocks. Institutions from Spain (Aidico), Portugal (Cevalor) and Italy (IMM Carrara) are involved. The project is promoted by the European Union. (Spanish)

Three out of four homeowners in the US who are planning a kitchen remodel want granite according to a survey commissioned by the Marble Institute of America (MIA). The press release also reiterated findings in relation to purported radon emission of granite.

Business signs in stone are produced by US Natural Rock Designs Company.

A number of museums bearing melodic names are to be built within the next few years in Abu Dhabi.

Rotate stone slabs to view them at different angles on German-based Hofmann Naturstein Company’s website. Their internet presence was awarded an if Communication Design competition prize in the category communication.