(April 2012) In Steven Spielberg’s new film „War Horse“, natural stone plays a major role in the opening scene: the setting was Comble castle complete with stone houses. It is often described as „The prettiest village in England“ (1, 2).  The youth scene of the lead character is set in a rubble-stone farm house.

Multicoloured jade vases are on offer by China-bases Xinfu Stone Company.

Libya Build trade fair will take place from May 20th to 24th in Tripoli after having put in a forced pause last year. At the last fair, some 600 exhibitors from 34 countries were represented.

The refurbishment of antique stone buildings along Africa’s Mediterranean coast was the subject of scientific research of a EU-research project.

Video of the month: How to depict the hard work of quarrying with the lightness of a ballerina and without the usual machismo is effectively shown by Italian-based Il Casone Company.