Art: Tradition and delight as an end in itself

(May 2012) If ever you have an idea for a stone object, we have the solution to have it realized: Carmen Magán and Juan Cabeza of Escultura-Opaso have specialized in realizing customers’ wishes. „A photo or an idea provided by the client is usually enough when asking for a quote. We can adjust our work to your budget“.

Of course they also entertain a program of objects available on order such as their egg-shaped bird house.

But all their pieces have one thing in common: the artists give the pieces a shape which fits to them. But they are open to new ideas. Their „gift for an architect“ will surely be an object not to be found in any old shop.

The unusual ideas reflect the artists’ delight in whatever they undertake: the masons’ brazen material morphs to a toothbrush and toothpaste tube, turns into a box of scampi or is dyed to make up a „Made in China“ arrangement.

Next to their hankering for anarchy in design, the artists also have a sense for tradition. The granite they prefer determines the face of many towns and cities in their home of Galicia in the North of Spain. They often worked on the restoration of calvaries or on the reproduction of ikons after old drawings.

Finally we would have liked to add some personal details or show a picture of the two. But the duo requested to restrict the article to the above information.

So, instead: another photo.


Photos: Escultura-Opaso