Design: Stitching in marble-mosaic

(May 2012) This is perhaps the most unusual idea in tiles we have seen in a long time: little copper X’s are embedded in marble-mosaic and seem to stitch the stone tiles together – each one a unique cut-out – to a patchwork wall-cladding. China-based Heda Marble & Mosaics is specialized in inlay combinations of contrasting materials including stone and metal as well as mother-of-pearl in stone.

A variety of inlay combinations of the copper or stainless steel/stone matches are available. The company stresses that clients’ ideas are welcome to be realized.

Thresholds can be chosen in the skid-stop variety.

The ideas are by founder Johnson Yang himself. A trucking, transport and ceramic dealer by trade, he made the stone branch his home via many a detour finally founding Heda Marble & Mosaics in Guangdong’s Foshan City a decade ago. Yang plays down his affinity to design which made the company as successful as it is today. „My brother once told me that I have a gift for design“, he recounts, „so I gave it a try and started to design.“

The company currently employs a staff of 70 plus 5 designers busy with the realization of Yang’s excentric ideas. Heda presents a new collection every year using stone from around the world.

The company’s European main pillar is situated in Serbia. How did the Sino-Serbian connection come about? To tell the story would be one of the pieces along Johnson Yang’s colourful mosaic path which brought him to Belgrade at some point where he came to know Mićic Mladen who, in turn was the trade connection in Serbia’s capital city Belgrade.

Heda Marble & Mosaics