Stone Stories: Geology from Porto to Faro

(June 2012) Recent Portuguese publications include a guide of the Portuguese Geological and Mine Sites. A website in Portuguese, English and Spanish offers information on museums, excavations and sites of geological interest. Since the offer takes tourist interests into account it also includes information e.g. of shops offering stone souvenirs.

Entering the site is simple: a click of the mouse on the map and then on the icon relating to a place of interest. This opens a window revealing interesting and detailed information. The work and effort which went into this website must have been considerable.

Presently account 110 sites are set on the map. Special mention is due to „My Trip“ on which individual sight-seeing trips can be plotted which can then be saved under a user ID and password; the website also includes information on current events and temporary exhibits.

The database was developed in cooperation with the General Directorate of Energy and Geology, a department of the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Development and the Mining Development Company.

The project’s initiators are currently thinking of extending the realm of the site to reach outside Portugal’s borders. Contacts have been made to Spain and Latin America.

Roteiro das Minas e Pontos de Interesse Mineiro e Geológico de Portugal

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