Architecture: simply glue the stone slab on

(June 2012) Stone façades are pricey, not merely because the stone itself has its price but also because special mounting is required. Italian Marmi Faedo Company in cooperation with STO, a producer of insulation siding, has developed an inexpensive means of mounting the slabs: they are merely glued to the insulating material.

The product goes by the name of „StoTherm with Marmo Grolla“ was tested by and found to meet the standards of Etag 004 guideline and DIN EN 1348.

The unique attribute of Grolla marble plays a central role here: it is highly non-porous with a very low water absorption coefficient (0.02%) making it nearly impervious to moisture. This is important for the cohesion of the glue. The special properties of the stone can be traced back to its origins. When the stone began to develop, a nearby volcano „baked“ the material at high temperatures.

Cost-efficiency does not stop there: the ease of mounting the stone slabs which are a mere 10 mm thick and light-weight by comparison also means that no thermal bridges are needed as no steel anchors are required.

Marmi Faedo


Photos: Marmi Faedo