(July 2012) A new type of engineered stone for outdoor use has been announced by Spanish based Consentino Company’s CEO as reported in an interview with the French trade magazine Pierre Actual (4/2012) (in French, download 5 €). The stone will be available on the market in the first quarter of 2013 and is resistant to UV-light as well as to fluctuating temperatures. Indian-based Pokama Company claims to have such a product already with its brand Quantra Quartz.

Fresh ideas for gabions by German-based Triooo Buildings Systems in form of glass inserts and integrated LED-lighting.

New trinkets in stone by Spanish artists of Escultura-Opaso on their webpage.

Vermont’s Barre quarries were captured in photos by Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky. An exhibit at the Hood Museum of Art in Dartmouth College, NH, shows photos until August 19th in the context of regional contemporary history.

Brazil’s market for diamond saws used to slice raw blocks are under analysis of Abirochas in their trade magazine „Informe“ (05/2012, Portuguese).

The Tile Council of North America has released the 2012 edition of its „TCNA Handbook for Ceramic, Glass and Stone Tile Installation“. The book available for 24.90 US-$ is a guide to assist in clarifying and standardizing installation specifications for tile.