Markets: Traction for extreme-sport athletes

(August 2012) Trophies for sporting events are available in a wide variety of materials, including natural stone: the French Graniterie Demange based in La Bresse has sponsored the endowment for competing athletes of bicycle and motorbike races in the Vosges Mountains.

Denis Demange designed the trophies himself – a variety of stylized athletes on two wheels applied to local Gris Bleu Granite.

There is also a large sculpture, in the town center ready to greet guests and set the mood for the competition.

We read about it in the French trade publication Pierre Actual. We asked Denis Demange: why such dedication. „To support the organizers“, he replied soberly.

But we, who hear the grass growing, have a suspicion: we think he might have hoped to increase the athlete’s traction with the massive trophies, at least outside the race.

These are extreme-sports and, e.g., the Montée Impossible to be taken by motorbike, where the name „Impossible Ascent” says it all. Or the world competition Trial, a test of skills – the name Trial comes from the verb to try (or to dare).

For cyclists there is the VTT (Vélo Tout Terrain) competition leading off track on a mountain bike, or more to the point downhill with helmet.

The company made a name for itself in bathrooms and kitchens but also manufactures signboards in natural stone.

Graniterie Demange

Video Montée Impossible

Video VTT La Bresse

Photos: Graniterie Demange