Briefly noted

(September 2012) A showroom of a different kind is run by furniture design Appartamento Lago Company who furnishes private apartments for people willing to host cooking parties and events on a regular basis. Unlike in the showroom atmosphere, visitors can experience furniture live and even use the pieces. The concept is similar to the one developed in the 1950 for Tupper-Parties (Italian).

„Sculptors United“ is the title of a Symposium (1, Video) which three sculptors from Germany, Denmark and Sweden from 21st to 28th of this month on the Koberg in Lübeck, Germany. From 26th to 28th, also in Lübeck, the Fehmarnbelt Days will take place where students and officials will discuss frontier-crossing ideas for that region in the West of the Baltic Sea.

Extreme volcanic eruptions in the tropics during the 13th century a.D. caused the so-called little ice-age world-wide according to geologist Clifford Miller of the University of Colorado (Geophysical Research Letters 32). Thus far, scientists had assumed that a decrease in solar activity was responsible for the cold period, which lasted from approx. 1300 a.D. to the 19th century. It has long been known that volcanic activity could have a drastic short-time effect on the climate: the Tambora eruption in Indonesia in 1815 was followed by 2 years of extreme dearth and what became known as the year without summer in the northern hemisphere.

Business gifts in natural stone by German based Stach 2000.

Informing about dry stone-walling in natural stone is the object of The Stone Wall Initiative.

Photos of the so-called Calçada Portuguesa or Portuguese pavement by Ernesto Matos adorning sidewalks and public spaces can be viewed on a webpage (1, 2).

Stone Spray is the name of a product by the Institute for Advanced Architecture near Barcelona. Sand mixed with a binding compound is applied by means of a high-pressure blast nozzle and hardens to walls or other building elements.

Obsidian arrow tips dating to the Stone Age were discovered in caves in the USA. Obsidian was the material of choice for knives: volcanic lava which cools rapidly hardens to glass called obsidian.

Tiles made of polished basalt clad the columns of the new Visitors’ Centre of the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.

Per Storemyr, archeologist and specialist for antique quarries took a close look at stone and its history in the Swiss province of Grisons. He also warns that stone-age mural engravings in Egypt are in danger of destruction.

The Back West Celebration of Stone Balancing will be held at the Arboretum at Flagstaff, Arizona, September 23rd. Participants in the workshop will pay $25. Anyone who wants to observe can pay admission to the arboretum to attend.

Video of the month: according to a new theory and working model the Easter Island’s giant stone heads were walked or rocked to their present location. National Geographic magazine writes on the culture of the island’s indigenous people (Video, 1).