xMiscellen(December 2009) Life Cycle Assessments are becoming an ever increasingly important theme. French trade publication Pierre Actual presents three such studies in its November edition (in French, order for 12 €) Scientists at the British University of Bath have published a study which can be down-loaded free of charge. Object of the study is the ecological assessment of carbon dioxide. The USA has published a life cycle assessment web-site. Research is done by the  Centre for Clean Products at the University of Tennessee.

The Shanghai Expo (May 1st to October 31st 2010) will host an exhibit by the Canadian city of Montreal where the city’s largest recreational park was created from a former quarry and landfill site, the world’s largest when created for Expo’67.

Design is the means by which the Brazilian State of Rio de Janeiro and the stone industry aim to conquer. A web-site has been set up where designers are invited to present their new markets and is offering a web-site where designers are invited to present their services (Portuguese).

„Rocky“ is the name of a new doorknob, made of a natural unworked stone marketed on a German internet portal.

Video of the month: Throwing stones (1, 2).