Art: stones telling stories

The „Looking-glass-stones“ allow visitors to catch a glimpse of Scandinavia from whence the glacial erratics came.

(December 2009) „Ice cubes“, one of the stages on the path, is the most creative: Random pieces of rock are suspended and form the word „Eis“ (German for Ice) when tread upon.

We are negotiating Germany’s new ice-age adventure-path situated on the outskirts of Hannover. This is where two landscape designers created ten stages under the title „moving stones“ where young and old alike can gather an impression of what the ice-age was probably like, and how the times are reflected in today’s glacial erratics.

To jog readers’ memories: During the glacial eras of our planet, gargantuan glaciers crept over the land – great portions of the northern hemisphere were buried under a crust of ice – 2 km thick in some parts!

Northern Germany, where Hannover is situated today, was levelled as the glaciers slithered over the landscape. The theme of the adventure-path is the 1000 km journey of the glacial erratics from the North Pole, how it changed the blocks and what the journey may have entailed.

Ten stages are dedicated to the various aspects all-the-while involving the visitor (see photos).

The adventure-path is a masterpiece in design creativity created by landscape artists Wolfgang Buntrock and Frank Nordiek. The various stages were completed in cooperation with stone masons and other artists.

Adventure-path „Moving Stones“ (German)

Other projects by the artists (German)