Briefly noted

(October 2012) Light stone and white marble are currently all the rage in Brazil as expounded in a workshop held by interior architects under the auspices of the Cachoeiro Itapemirim Trade Fair. A great portion of it is exported abroad as reported in the semi-annual compilation by the trade organization Abirochas: of the total imports marble travertine and limestone made up a whopping 97% (Portuguese 1, 2).

Dogs in natural stone, as well as stags and lions are produced by the Dutch Piet Jonker Company.

For professional billiard tables slate is the only choice. Why this is so, is demonstrated on a website. A Brazilian supplier explains the steps of production (1, 2).

Africa: Angola intends to mine all of its natural stone reserves. The mining center will be situated in the province Benguela according to a press release. Since 2010 the Coreangola Mosaic Company works from the province of Zaire – a joint-venture with Korea (Portuguese 1, 2). IMM Carrara’s newsletter recently reported on setting up the Nigerian stone industry.

Clandestine gravel mining around the Pakistani capital Islamabad was responsible for a new slum area with ecological repercussions according to the Daily Times.

Video of the Month: Moving wall.