Briefly noted

(November 2012) The Spanish Cosentino Group will invest 176 million € by 2014 and increase its turnover by 17%. At the center of growth stands the new engineered Stone „Dekton“, resistant to UV-light and suitable for exterior siding. The enterprise is currently increasing its industrial park by 100% in Almeria’s Cantoria to comprise a total of 1 million m² and is building a service center in which 3.300 slabs can be loaded in one 8 hour shift. Storage capacity will be 115,000 slabs. Production of Dekton is at 1.500 slabs/day. The material is produced using a new sintering-method. 

Tactea is an idea originating in France and used for kitchen worktops: combining tactile ergonomics, technology and stone surfaces makes transforming the colors of a kitchen according to desire by touch alone possible.   

The Natural Stone Council (NSC) has announced that NSC 373, Sustainability Assessment for Natural Dimension Stone, has been released for Public Comment. The NSC urges all interested parties to make time to review the draft and voice concerns, questions, or comments.  

Bernini’s marble sculptures are world famous. The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art is currently showing 39 terracotta model sculptures and 30 draft drawings (until January 6th, 2013).

A general overview of Angola’s natural stone economy was given at the FIMA trade fair (Feira Internacional de Minas de Angola) in October (Portuguese).

The European Stone Festival a meeting place for stonemasons working on sculptures will take place from July 21sto to 23rd next year in Lincoln England.

A copy of the Taj Mahal is in planning in Dubai as a wedding site according to Hindustan Times.

Drought in Poland last summer brought an unexpected find to light: in the sediments of the Vistula River in Warsaw decorative marble and alabaster objects were found. It is thought that they went overboard a 17th century ship attempting to transport booty of the Swedish army.

Video of the month: Otters value natural stone as toys and as tools (1, 2).