Markets: ideas for new products made of stone

(November 2012) The stone branch has many beautiful materials – but only a small variety of products! This is the starting point for Peter Becker, editor of, in his lecture about new product ideas with stone and about how they can be found and developed.

The lecture will take place at a one-day-event on November, 15th at the Saimaa University of Applied Sciences in Lappeenranta, Finland.

The seminar is the final activity of the South Karelia Stone Cluster-project. It started in 2009 and had as a goal to foster the stone-industry in the region close to the Russian border. Topics developed by the Saimaa scientists together with experts from the sector were: branding for Karelian stone products or reduction of waste in the stone production respectively use of leftovers, just to name a few. Analyses were done how to realize a permanent stone exhibition in Lappeenranta.

In his lecture, Peter Becker will present innovative stone products from all over the world. His focus will be on the upper middle class as target group and on mass production. As the slogan „The material must support the function of the product“ is Becker’s starting point, he will work out what the stone can and what it can’t, in other words: where it makes sense to use stone for objects for everyday life and where not.

The other lectures will be held in Finnish language. Access to the seminar is free and open to the public.


Complete program „Suomalaisen Luonnonkiven Luja Luonne“ (Strong Character of Finnish Natural Stone)
Thursday, November, 15th 2012, 10.00-17.00

9.30 Ilmoittautuminen ja aamukahvi (Registration and coffee)

10.00 Kiviteollisuuden merkitys Lappeenrannan kaupungille: kaupunginjohtaja Kimmo Jarva (Significance of stone industry from the point of view of Lappeenranta, Kimmo Jarva, Mayor of Lappeenranta)

10.20 Kiviteollisuusliiton kommenttipuheenvuoro (Comments of Finnish Natural Stone Association)

10.40 Product design with natural stone – What the stone can and what it can’t do: editor/publisher Peter Becker,

12.15 Lounas (Lunch)

13.15 Luonnonkiven haasteet ja mahdollisuudet luovan alan materiaalina: kuvanveistäjä Radoslaw Gryta, Saimaan ammattikorkeakoulu (Challenges and opportunities of using natural stone in creative field, Radoslaw Gryta, Sculptor, Saimaa UAS)

14.00 Louhimoiden toiminnan kehittämismahdollisuudet: yliopettaja Tuomo Tahvanainen, Saimaan ammattikorkeakoulu (Development opportunities of stone quarries, Tuomo Tahvanainen, Senior Lecturer (mining technology), Saimaa UAS)

14.30 Sivukivi – itärajan pyramidista kaupalliseksi tuotteeksi?: tutkimuspäällikkö Kirsi Viskari, Saimaan ammattikorkeakoulu (Stone waste – From „Eastern border pyramid“ to a commercial product?) Kirsi Viskari, Research Manager, Saimaa UAS

15.00 Kahvi (Coffee break)

15.30 Kivi rakennetussa ympäristössä Etelä-Karjalassa: arkkitehti Martti Muinonen, Saimaan ammattikorkeakoulu (The use of natural stone in a construct/city environment in South-Karelia, Martti Muinonen, Architect, Saimaa UAS)

16.15 Kivaa ja kovaa – kokemuksia Kiviklusterista: projektipäällikkö Kirsi Taivalantti, Saimaan ammattikorkeakoulu (Experiences of the Stone Cluster-project, Kirsi Taivalantti, project manager, Saimaa UAS)

16.30 Kivialan tulevaisuus Etelä-Karjalassa (Future of the stone industry in the South-Karelia)

17.00 Seminaarin päätös (End)

Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, Saimaa-sali, Skinnarilankatu 36, 53850 Lappeenranta, Contact: Kirsi Taivalantti, Tel. +358 405177702, Mail