Design: „As ductile as marble“

(November 2012) „As ductile as marble“ was the name of the project at the Tyrolean Free University of Bozen-Bolzano: here bachelor students were asked to design household objects or furniture in combining local Lasa Marble with wood. The project stood under the auspices of professorial troika consisting of Claudio Larcher, Simone Simonelli and Carmelo Marabello and the products displayed at this year’s Marmomacc.

Tomas Menapace based his design concept on a distinguishing property of stone, namely the fact that stone transfuses little or no vibration: his turn-table „Rock Vibrations“ has a drive unit on the outer rim preventing vibrations from the motor from disrupting smooth revolution of the turntable. Shock or vibration from without the unit is usually absorbed by the mass of the unit. There is still a small hard core community of vinyl record aficionados.

„Ufo“ was the name Yael Fierro gave his table. Top to bottom, bottles usually placed on the table are its base and carry the table top.

The draft makes use of the fact that glass resists very high pressure. No wood was used by the young designer.

The book shelf by the name of „Atlante“ by Diego Zanotto also turns aspects topsy turvy: wood carries stone and shelves are set at a slant for a change.

Angelika Ziernheld took the fact into consideration that stone is cold. In „Naturalmente“ red dots ensure that one does not sit directly on the stone surface and double as decorative elements.

„voroNoi“ by Gaetano Gibilras is based on the mathematician Georgy Feodosevich Voronoy and his Voronoi diagram – a special kind of decomposition of a metric space. The design idea involves a radical new concept of table construction: the table top is given the desired peekaboo design and the wooden legs are integrated afterwards…

… whereby more than the usual four are acceptable.

Francesco Elipanni designed his „Ekidna“ for drying up. Wooden elements allow plates to stand upright allowing them to drip dry, whereby waste wood can be used. A drip trough ensures that water runs off in a controlled manner.

Egle Kirdulyte ensured comfortable seating in his „Benchina“ with a curved back-rest inserted into the seat element at a comfortable slant. The seat is box-shaped to make place for whatever one might want to place there.

Planter „Demetra“ by Giulia Davolio ensures that planting utensils have a place of their own.

Narrow marble slabs are the elements of the „Ercole“ lamp by Domenico Catelli.

When switched on the lamp is surrounded by a halo of light and shadow.

The Free University of Bozen is situated close to the Austrian border and is set apart from other learning institutions by its international mix, as one might deduce from the names of the students. Faculty of art and design including subject area product design and communication design with multi-lingual lecturing in Italian, German and English.

Lasa Marble is derived from the South-Tyrolean Alpine region. Stone for this project was provided by Odone Marmi free of charge. Students paid only for the wood and could work the elements in the university shops.

Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Odone Marmi