Briefly noted

(November 2012) In the film „Eat – Love – Pray“, featuring Julia Roberts, Hollywood has transmuted kitchen granite worktops to an American household item. The leading lady laments her midlife crisis (minute 10:24) while her best friend plays down her problem: „This happens to people. They fall in love in their twenties, they get married, they do the granite countertop and the white-picket fence in their thirties, and somewhere they realize: This is not for me. “

Natural stone letterboxes by the Belgian VASP Company (Dutch).

Italian Margraf Company will be mining white marble in Afghanistan. A contract to this effect was signed by the Doost Group according to the newspaper L’Arena from Verona. Accordingly the company will be permitted to mine up to 4,000 m³/year Bianco Laser Marble valued at 30 million Euro. The material is considered unique because of its density, hardness and impermeability and is considered suitable for exterior use (Italian).

Production of quicklime in Spain’s Morón de la Frontera was given the rank of Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Formerly the entire region was sustained by the profits of turning limestone into lime in the typical lime kiln.

„Geology in the Public Interest“ is the name of a group of scientists and engineers based in Seattle, Washington hoping to solve ecological issues with the help of the geology.

Truly a relic from times passed: the Pipestone National Monument in Minnesota, USA will celebrate its jubilee soon. Pipestone or catlinite, a type of argillite or metamorphosed mudstone, was prized by Native Americans for use in making sacred pipes such as calumets and chanunpas and used profusely in trade.

Stones with unusual formulae can be found in the „Mysterious Stone City“ of Xinjiang, China.