Briefly noted

(December 2012) Submissions for the German Natural Stone Award will be accepted until January 15th 2013. A total of 30,000 € are in the purse. Eligible are finished projects within Europe and essentially made of European stone realized by European natural stone specialized companies. The cost of processing submissions is 350 € including v.a.t or 250 €/project in the case of multiple tender. The purse is sponsored jointly by the Deutsch Naturwerkstein-Verband (DNV) and the Bund Deutscher Architekten (BDA).   

Natural stone golf clubs produced by Kurz Naturstein Company of Germany are currently available in 13 shapes in 13 types of stone. The Stone Energy Putter is the collective name of the series. Aficionados will quickly notice that the novelty is conceived especially for putting.

Wonasa, the World Natural stone Association published a flyer by the title „Do You Know?“ according to its press release aout the 2012 activities. In it the advantages of natural stone are explained in English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian Polish, Czech, and Turkish. A number of seminars were also presented.   

„Belgische Brocken“ is the name of the once famous whetstone, now available via the online portal.

Slate and its implementation in Norwegian architecture since medieval times is the theme in Per Storemyr’s blog.

Life-size statues of the deceased are the specialty of Indian sculptors. The material of choice is ornamented fiberglass and wood.  

The historic city center of Luxemburg is being treated to a new cobblestone path according to the Luxemburger Wort (German).

Ancient sites in the Mediterranean like the tombs into stone cliffs at Myra, Turkey or the ruins of the Greco-Roman theatre of Termessos are shwon on photos by Domingo Milella in an exhibit at the Brancolini Gallery in London until January 26, 2013.

Video of the month: Floor tiles with a difference.