Briefly noted

(December 2012) Germans are investing more and more in homes according to the Berliner Zeitung citing the Bankenverband. In contrast to the past, Germans are saving less of their money and investing more according to a study. Increased turnover in construction of homes by 4 to 6 % is the prognosis of the Deutsche Baugewerbe, the German Building-Trade-Association for 2013 according to a press release (German 1, 2).

Biopietra is the name of a synthetic stone certified as an ecologically friendly building material by the Green Building Council Italia among others.  

Stone bed-warmers were widely used in ancient times to warm up beds before lying down for the night. Zöblitzer Natursteine Company of Germany is now once again producing them (German).

The Webpage „The Art of Trees“ shows a sensational stone wall.

Northumberlandia is the name of a recently opened theme park in Great Britain. A gigantic Land-Art-Project using 1.5 million tons of earth, clay and stone depicts a woman in the landscape.

Restoration of dry walls on the cliffs of Vernazza is a project with which the picturesque town of Cinque Terre in Italy is meant to regain its original charm and appearance. It was severely damaged as the result of a landslide in October 2011. and its team wished readers and subscribers a Merry Holiday Season and a peaceful year 2013.