Briefly noted

(January 2013) For the first time Stone+tec of Nuremberg (May 29th to June 1st 2013) is offering an all-inclusive-package comprising 9m² of exhibit floor space, a stand complete with electric outlet, flat rate supply of electricity, cleaning, the print and online-communications package, a parking ticket and even a Wireless LAN-Access code. The offer is limited to two per exhibitor.

For monitors and computer keyboards in Louis XV-style French Chirita Company integrated natural stone. Italian-based Marmo Più has a stone tablet-holder (1, 2).

Stone lampshades by German sculptor Daniel Stoller (German).

Cosentino won over not only cyclists and athletes for their Silestone-marketing campaign. The crème de la crème of fine cooking have also been recruited: as star chef recently celebrated creations with Swiss cheese, Silestone supplied the work surface in color and design of the Swiss flag. The company is prominently represented at kitchen trade fairs (Spanish 1 ,2).

Latest news: The American Institute of Architects’ November Architecture Billings Index (ABI) sees positive trends in the US-building sector.

Angola’s government aims to foster its stone industry. The Minister in charge during the course of a visit to Namibe Province announced that holders of quarry permits would forfeit their rights if quarries were not tended, according to the Jornal de Angola as reported online (Portuguese).

Washington D.C.’s Smithsonian Museum is currently exhibiting the famous Dom Pedro Aquamarin. The gem of Brazilian origin and named after the emperor of the time originally weighed some 30 kg and was almost 0.60 m high. It was cut and shaped like an obelisk in Germany.

France fosters its arts and crafts more than other countries. It even has a ministry reserved for the purpose. Many regions maintain special websites, e.g. Cévennes (French).

Video of the month: house fit for a Hobbit, was built by U.S. American Tolkien aficionado. The siding is stone (Video, 1).