Briefly noted: Blanco Ibiza marble for the façade and the interior


(February 2013) The Puerto Venecia Shopping Centre located in Zaragoza in Spain is the biggest shopping centre in Europe, a title held until then by Marineda City Shopping Centre in A Coruña. Inside the complex there is an big unit formed by the Hipercor and El Corte Inglés buildings which appear to be one single construction. The 97,000 m² building rises above the lake which serves as the focal point of the shopping and leisure area.

The building has been designed in a sustainable manner with solar photovoltaic cells on the roof to supply energy for the building. Furthermore the façade has been covered with Blanco Ibiza marble. Levantina participated as supplier of the material which has a white to greyish color. Here it is used here with a bushhammered surface.

This project is one more in the long list of commercial buildings in which Levantina has been involved. El Corte Inglés premises in various points in Spain, the E. Leclerc Centre, Guerende in France or the Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius, are just some examples.

Source: Levantina