Briefly noted

(March 2013) Abraham Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address will not be delivered by the lead character in Steven Spielberg’s new film „Lincoln“ but instead a soldier will recite the content by memory. The 2 minute-Address chiseled in stone  is exhibited in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.. A webpage lists the many types of local U.S. stone used in construction.

A luxurious cellphone made of a single piece of solid marble has been developed by Mobiado Company.

The Netherlands has expanded by some 2000 hectare. Masvlakte II is the name of the Terrain, created with some 325 million m³ of sand and silt dredged from the bottom of the North Sea and heaped up to an artificial peninsula. It will become part of the Port of Rotterdam.

The Stone Federation Great Britain has published a new webpage.

In Bali’s capital Denpasar an ancient Hindu Temple made of stone was recently discovered. The blocks were buried 1 m deep.   

Video of the Month: Carrara trade fair is to be given a new entrance with 4 m-high marble-pylons. The Architect is Mario Bellini (1, Italian).