Art: „Hands can create, destroy, caress“

(March 2013) „If I create a marble sculpture of two hands holding a string, it symbolizes a relation between them, … a connection so fine and fragile that it can be easily destroyed, but still solid and resistible.“ Slovak artist Veronika Priehodová has created many such compositions showing relations between people. In most cases the stings are complex.

Two hands reaching out to one another, …

… or seemingly constructing in cooperation.

„We’re born free to make decisions“, she writes in a mail. She sees hands as a symbol for freedom. „My hand can destroy. But the same hands can also create and caress.“

The artist originally comes from Slovakia where she absolved no less than three art degrees: two in Prague, namely photography and figural sculpture as well as sculpture in Carrara where she lives and works.

Of course the local marble has captured her affection. For one, it is the figurative possibilities of the material: „The Carrara marble is an exquisite material to play with light and shadow.“ Its white color intrinsically contains a wide array of shades of gray, to which the artist can add several more by working transparent parts into the figure. „Playing with the grayscale is like drawing on the marble.“

But also the resistance of the material is tantalizing. „Marble is a challenge – it demands a strong inner power, but it finally gives you such a personal satisfaction.“

So much for the serious Veronika. Her alterego is reflected e.g. in her photography, in which she captures a spoof on the world.

And just as she has allowed both Veronikas into her life – she also opened herself to a canon of values. „I choose to be gentle and I try to understand what is love. I try to see my relation towards the others like a brotherhood.“

Together with international artists she has founded the Ponte di Ferro Studio. People with a faible for sculpture are invited to the workshops.

Veronika Priehodová

Studio Ponte di Ferro

Fotos: Veronika Priehodová